Nextdeck FAQ

1: How do I get product and pricing information.

Directly from us. We sell and ship all products direct to keep cost minimal. Please fill out our contact form for free samples, literature, and pricing or give us a call at 888-739-6172.

2: What information do I need to send for a detailed quote?

We like to get a faxed or emailed drawing from the customer showing the outside dimensions of the deck. This helps eliminate any confusion and allows us to lay out the decking for minimal to no waste. Please visit the Downloads link to download a deck design sheet to draw your deck on. Please visit our Contact page for contact information.

3: What decking lengths are available?

Nextdeck decking is available in 12’, 16', 20' and 24' lengths in solid colors. It is also available up to 40’ by special order, minimums apply.

4: How is the decking cut and what tools will I need?

Standard woodworking and power tools are all that you need. Most orders only require an electric drill with assorted drills and bits, tape measure, pencil, & a hacksaw. For cutting the decking, a blade for non-ferrous materials must be used. Example: DeWalt® DW3217 – 10" 80T Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Blade or equivalent. DeWalt® DW3229 – 12" 80T Non-Ferrous Metal Cutting Blade or equivalent. Non-ferrous cutting blades can generally be purchased at local hardware or welding supply stores. We also stock 7 1/4", 10" & 12" blades.

5: What are the board sizes?

Please visit the Profiles and Specs link here.

Nextdeck aluminum decking profiles.

Nextdeck aluminum decking drawings

6: How is Nextdeck® installed?

Nextdeck® installs on standard deck frames like any wood or composite deck. Nextdecks® hidden fasteners ar located between each board at each joist location and clamp the decking to the frame.

7: How much does Nextdeck® aluminum decking weigh?

Nextdeck® is 2 lb. per square foot. About 1/2 the weight of wood and composite decking and much stronger!

8: How hot does the surface get in the sun?

Nextdeck® decking stays as cool or cooler than most wood, pvc and composite decks. Our powder-coat finish reflects heat combined with the heat dissipation properties of aluminum. It is recommended to have adequate air flow under the decking for maximum heat dissipation. Darker colors will be warmer than the lighter colors. Check out our Deck Videos.

9: How well does it hold up in very hot and cold climates?

Nextdeck® decking is one of the most durable decking products available. Because of the aluminum construction, it is able to withstand extreme heat and cold. Aluminum has a working temperature of -400 to 400 degrees F. It is completely fire proof and has a melting point over 1200 degrees. Nextdeck® aluminum decks will not freeze and crack because aluminum does not absorb water. They also have very low expansion and contraction characteristics because of the lack of water absorption.

10: What other products are made out of aluminum?

Window frames, doors, roofing, framing, and siding are just a few. Aluminum products are also widely used in the automotive business. Car and truck engines, frames, and body panels. Semi-truck trailers are also made out of aluminum for the high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance for the northern climates.

11: How Durable is the Powder Coat Finish?

Powder Coat is one of the strongest and most durable paint finishes available. Our finishes surpass requirments by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association AAMA-2604 specifications. Typical test requirements are 5 years of vary minor color change or fade, 3000 hours of salt fog testing and humidity tests.

12: How do you handle uneven deck widths?

The last board can be ripped lengthwise to fit uneven widths. The edge trim profile can be installed to cover the exposed edge.

13: How long will it take to receive an order.

We typically ship in stock decking products within 7 days, Spring and Summer months may require additional time. If we have to manufacture, lead time is usually 3-6 weeks. Freight times vary. Most shipments take 1-7 business days. *** Covid related issues are extending lead times. Please contact a sales rep for current lead times. ***

14: What is the price?

Please contact us for a complete price and shipping quote.