High Strength Aluminum

Aluminum decking, railing and fencing products offer homeowners the perfect combination of strength and durability. Although this lightweight material is not ordinarily recognized for its strength, aluminum can be mixed with certain alloys and tempered in order to increase its overall tensile strength. Aluminum becomes the superior choice in certain environmental situations and has one of the lowest densities available among commercial metals. In fact, it has a density that is one third of copper or steel. At low temperatures, steel is known to become brittle, whereas aluminum will exhibit an increase in strength.

Did You Know?


  • Nexan's Products are among the strongest available. Nexan uses 6061-T6 and 6005-T61 alloys that have 35,000 psi tensile strengths- among the highest in the industry while composites and woods measure only in the 1,000 psi range.


    Mechanical Properties      
      6005-T5 Aluminum Leading Composite Comparison
    Tensile Strength 37,700 psi 854 psi 44 Times Stronger
    Modulus of Elasticity 10,000,000 psi 175,000 psi 57 Times Stronger
    Shear Strength 29,700 psi 561 psi 52 Times Stronger
    Flame Spread 0 80 No Flame Spread
    Expansion/Contraction 13 × 10-6 35.2 × 10-6 2.7 Times Less