Superior Color Retention


Aluminum fencing, decking and railings provide a look that lasts. No matter the sun exposure, humidity or salinity in the area, SuperDurableTM powder coat finish ensures that you never have to scrape, stain, seal, paint or waterproof your aluminum home products. SuperDurableTM powder coat finish is completely UV stable; it retains its color and does not fade like traditional composite deck products. This UV-resistant quality also provides a cooler surface for your outdoor living space.

How SuperDurableTM Powder Coat Finishing Works

Powder coatings are the best in the industry for a durable finish, uniform color and bonding capabilities. In almost all cases, powder coatings perform better than traditional paint or solvent-based coatings. SuperDurableTM powder coat finish is applied according to specification AAMA 2604, which is higher than the typical AAMA 2603 specification in the market. These industry standards require multiple tests and quality control regulations for abrasion, adhesion, chemical hardness, impact and outdoor exposure. SuperDurableTM powder coat finish offers superior color retention.

SuperDurableTM coating is a dry finishing process in which particles of pigment and resin are finely ground and electrostatically charged. The aluminum components that will be coated are charged with the opposite charge. When the charged powder particles are sprayed onto the board, they adhere completely until they are melted and fused in a curing oven. Our SuperDurableTM powder coat finish has three to four times the thickness of wet, baked-on paints and has a high impact resistance. It will not peel off of your aluminum like enamel finishes, is extremely durable to the elements and resistant to most chemicals and solvents.

Color Fade

Did You Know?


  • SuperDurableTM powder coat finish (AAMA 2604) passed over 3,000 hours of Salt Spray exposure (compared to typical coatings that last only 1,500 hours under AAMA 2603).

  • SuperDurableTM powder coat finish (AAMA 2604) passed a 5-year South Florida Exposure Test (compared to typical coatings that last only 1 year under AAMA 2603).


    Color Retention Results
    Average Fading - Delta E
    Test Duration
    Powder Coat from Nexan
    Less or equal to 5.00**
    43,800 Hours - 5 Years
    2,000 Hours - 83 Days
    2,000 Hours - 83 Days
    2,000 Hours - 83 Days
    2,000 Hours - 83 Days
    2,000 Hours - 83 Days
    *All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
    **AAMA 2604 test standards for Nexan's Products.
    ***October 2008 - Intertek Plastics Laboratories test for others.
    AAMA Specifications for Paint
    Specification 2603 2604 - Nexan
    South Florida Weathering:    
    Color retention 1 year: "slight" fade 5 yrs: Fade = 5 Delta E
    Chalk resistance 1 year: "slight" chalk 5 yrs: Chalk = 8
    Gloss retention No specification 5 yrs: 30% retention
    Erosion resistance No specification 5 yrs: 10% loss
    Dry film thickness 0.8 mils minimum 1.2 mils minimum - 2.5-4 mils typical
    Pretreatment System: Chrome or Chrome Free * Chrome or Chrome Free * - Chrome used
    Accelerated Testing:    
    Salt Spray 1,500 hours 3,000 hours - 4,000 hours passed
    Humidity 1,500 hours 3,000 hours - 4,000 hours passed