Maintenance Free Aluminum

Nexan’s aluminum building products reward you with time to enjoy your outdoor living space, rather than ongoing maintenance and repair. Traditional choices such as wood and composite materials react to changing weather conditions by absorbing water, cracking, rotting, warping or breaking. In contrast, aluminum is a strong but light material with incredible strength and durability.

Aluminum does not contain iron, nor does it absorb water. It will not rust, rot nor crack. It is not susceptible to termites or pest infestation. While decks, railings and fences made of traditional products require regular scraping, sanding, painting and sealing, aluminum maintains its color and appearance for a lifetime.

You do not need any special cleansers, nor any sealants or stains to maintain the beauty of your outdoor space.

Aluminum decking, railing and fencing products are truly maintenance-free, giving you the gift of carefree time in your outdoor space. Below are eaxamples of wood and composite deck and railing materials.